Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Destroyer, Part 2

Picking up where she left off a couple of months ago, Elizabeth Warren continues to preview one hell of a convention speech:


  1. if only Sanders would give up on the fund-raising and stop pretending the only way to defeat Trump is for him to grab the nomination against the will of the voters, and so would stop trying to turn as many more as he can against Hillary.

    Warren is saying almost all the right things, if she's really serious about beating Trump being the most important though she'll need to endorse the prohibitive front-runner and call for bernie sanders to stop his selfish girl-smearing.

    It's time Elizabeth, it's time.

    1. I's time. In fact, it's long past due for Warren to endorse.

  2. It seems like all these tweets might be a message to the Bernie camp: Your stock is dropping and you'd better cash it in while it still has some value. If Liz endorses H first, Bernie will really look like a weenie.