Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Election Night: Kentucky and Oregon

One night...two primaries! And both of them are closed, meaning Democrats only with no input from independents or Republicans. Pretty crazy, huh? So I think Hillary will do just fine, and perhaps even win one of them. Or both?

We may start seeing results from Kentucky when the polls close at 6pm ET, but the entire state won't be done until an hour later. Hopefully we'll get a good idea of how it's going early on.

And it will probably be very late before we know about the other state:
No polls are actually open in Oregon. Instead, voters mail their ballots in via snail mail. Ballots were sent out two to three weeks before the primary and are due back by 8 p.m. PT. Last-minute voters can also drop their ballots off at designated locations. As of last Thursday, 564,804 ballots had been returned.
So yeah, 11pm ET is the earliest we'll possibly know anything there.

Also, I may be a little out of touch when some of the results arrive this evening because I'll be at a Hall & Oates concert. I'm not even kidding. But keep an eye on Hillary HQ's Twitter feed and I'll try to post updates during Daryl and John's between-song banter.

While we wait, here are some awesome music videos that are waaaay more fun than watching Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzer talk about nothing.

And last but not least, my favorite Hall & Oates song of all time:

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  1. Hillary just won Kentucky, and as usual it's Nicolle on MSNBC who is speaking the truth, bernie is hurting her, and his claims that the DNC got in his way and that's why he's behind is BS and should not stop them from telling to shut his flytrap. He won't, but they should tell him anyway.