Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Wow. Like she did in Nebraska two weeks ago, Hillary has again emerged victorious in a non-binding, no-delegate primary after losing the earlier caucus!

Yep, we need to ditch all these low-turnout caucuses in favor of high-turnout primaries by 2024.

But it's all good for now: A symbolic win is still a win...and she'll be the nominee in two weeks.


  1. http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P16/WA-D

  2. This is the Democratic one, where it's open to anyone, not just those who have the time and ability to show up in person, and secret ballots, with no possible bullying. But it's also a product of the huge money Bernie and the Koch's couldn't put into smearing her like they did right before the caucus, since this vote doesn't matter regarding delegates. So people's real opinions came out.

    It's harder to pull off that kind of nasty false messaging when there is early voting, and when there are not barriers to voting, which is why she won when people got to vote and why the real problem is voter suppression in all it's forms.

    Bernie did have a super-pac, the Koch one that put in the huge money, helping him smear her and pretending to be for him, and Bernie spent big too, and when it can be timed to blitz, like right before the caucus, it depressed the turnout but more of those who turned out had bought into the smears and the hate.

    but the tide has turned, bernie isn't getting money or volunteers in the numbers before he went more clearly cracked.

    I hope that those he's infected with his hate can recover.