Thursday, May 26, 2016


Question: What's better than winning the Kentucky primary?

Answer: Winning the Kentucky primary again!
A recanvass of Democratic primary results in Kentucky confirmed that Clinton won the May 17 contest over Bernie Sanders, the Kentucky secretary of state said on Thursday.
Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes announced that there were "the recanvass results did not alter the outcome of the election."
Sanders requested the recanvass on Tuesday. The recanvass involved a retabulation of the votes as they were originally counted, not a full recount, which would have required examination of ballots and voting machines.
In a statement, Sanders said he "accepts" the results of the recanvass.
Had the recanvass been successful in barely shifting the win to Bernie's column, he might have won a single extra delegate. But since he's more than 800 delegates away from winning the nomination with less than two weeks to go until Hillary clinches it, I'm not sure if this was time and effort well spent.

Still, it does mean that we get to celebrate a Clinton win twice! In fact, it's kinda too bad Sanders didn't ask for a recount...because maybe we could have celebrated a Kentucky win three times!

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