Saturday, May 7, 2016

Clinton Wins Guam Caucuses!

I didn't realize that Guam was part of the Deep South, but I guess it is!
Hillary Clinton won the Guam Democratic caucuses Saturday, capturing 59.5% of the vote to Bernie Sanders' 40.1%, according to official party results. 
Clinton won 777 votes to the Vermont senator's 528. 
The former secretary of state, who holds a wide delegate lead over Sanders, earned four pledged delegates, while Sanders gained three. 
The party chairman and vice chairwoman, previously uncommitted superdelegates, announced their support of Clinton in light of the caucus results, giving her the support of all five Guam superdelegates.
Sanders netted a few delegates in Indiana on Tuesday and Clinton netted about the same in Guam today, making this week rough a delegate wash. Which, of course, is devastating to Bernie's hopes of an unbelievable comeback win.


  1. Great news, another incremental step to the end.

    and great speech from Obama, he gets it.

    1. Yes, Obama's speech at Howard was so good - especially his advice about change and compromise. I shall miss him ..... but am so hopeful we'll have Hillary. I can't wait to see him campaigning for her - that will be something to see.

    2. I saw a bit of it, but I look forward to watching the full speech soon.