Monday, May 23, 2016

Clinton Retains Massive 18-Point Lead Over Sanders in California

Bernie really wants to win California on June 7th...but it sure looks like he's still dreamin': 
Hillary Clinton is well positioned to defeat Bernie Sanders in California's presidential primary, according to an exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

The poll results, released on Monday, showed that Clinton would defeat Sanders 57 percent to 39 percent. The results of the poll showed that Sanders continues to lead among the youngest voters, while Clinton leads by 12 points among voters age 35 to 49.

The poll showed that Clinton also leads by 34 points among voters age 50 to 64, and she leads by 45 points among voters age 65 and above.

Also, Clinton has majority support among every income group, while Sanders leads by 2:1 among first-time primary voters.
Crazily enough, I guess Sanders supporters loudly booing California's beloved senator Barbara Boxer at the Nevada convention didn't much help his cause there.

SurveyUSA is a well-regarded pollster that's A-rated by, and this result is essentially unchanged from their previous California poll from three weeks ago. The bottom line is that it's looking good for Hillary in California, and Benchmark agrees:

And speaking of 538, they have updated their odds:

Hillary Clinton has a 98% chance of winning the California primary.

Question: When Bernie's delusional California-based endgame collapses with a New York-style loss there, he'll quickly concede the race to Hillary and unite the party against Trump...right?


  1. I won't hold my breath! I really really really hope she wins by a landslide in California. All this stupid talk about destroying the Democratic party makes my brain hurt.

    1. She'll do fine in California, and secure the nomination early in the evening on the 7th anyway. Two more weeks!

  2. She is born as winner its in her blood.. tat woman is soon gonna b madam prez ...☺

  3. some back rooms deals are taking place, Bernie is promising to donate to some more candidates, he gets to pick a fraction of the platform committee and he did one good thing, he named a Palestinian rights person, and that's something everyone would want and be glad to not be the one to appoint, and this is why, she's ahead and he's not getting donations.

    but I am cynical, I think Bernie wanted a promise for help with paying off his campaign debt, and that's why he's pleased, I can't see him being pleased by anything less than money, I think that's why he got even nastier, to make his neutrality more valuable, but hey, we sort of deserve Bernie, as much as the Republicans deserve Trump, Bernie has been appeased and protected for years, to keep his senate seat reliably not Republican, even though he wasn't reliably progressive, so if it costs our rich people 30M or so, give or take, whatever.

    Meanwhile Obama is busy knocking off the Taliban, it's a complicated world, why not a complicated primary? Lucky we have such a multi-talented Hillary.

    this polling news is so great, thank you scan, thank you thank you, things are going to start getting funner.

    1. Happy to bring you the good news! Can't wait til two weeks from now!

  4. I sent in my vote along with quite a few of my neighbors in senior housing...voted for Hillary ...earlier then it was suppose to be in northern calif..loving in bay area and so sorry I missed Hillary in Oakland the other day...bummer..closest I would have come to see her..but was sick...we had great weather though....

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I used to live in Marina del Rey, but now in Florida ! Proud of my CA family and friends who are working hard to get Hillary back where she belongs ! Whooo Hooo,
      Big hugs to all of you !