Friday, May 20, 2016

Clinton Leads Sanders 66%-34% in Puerto Rico

Hillary in Puerto Rico in 2008
We're down to the last nine contests of the 2016 Democratic primary, and with 60 pledged delegates at stake, Puerto Rico is the third largest remaining. And a new poll from Pasquines suggests that Hillary is on her way to a huge victory there on Sunday, June 5th:
Continuing our coverage of the 2016 Elections March-April Puerto Rico poll, today we present the results regarding the presidential race in the US territory. As expected, Democrats dominate, in particular Hillary Clinton, who looks like the likely winner of the June 5 contest. Registered voters were asked during March and April, that if they had a vote, which of the then-candidates for the US presidency would they prefer.
As for June 5, we can expect a solid Clinton victory that hands her most of the 60 pledged delegates at stake in the primary.
I wish more websites in the states made lovely poll graphs like this:

These numbers are obviously great, but not really a surprise: They are amazingly similar to Hillary's 2008 Puerto Rico primary win of 68%-31% against Barack Obama.

And to be clear, this is a primary and not a caucus. So Hillary should do just fine here and be well-positioned to clinch the nomination two nights later in New Jersey.

As for the general election, even though Puerto Rico unfortunately doesn't have a say in the electoral college or popular vote, you gotta love this: Clinton is beating Trump 85% to 3%!

Wow, Puerto Ricans are smart! I can only hope the states follow their example this November.


  1. I think the tide has turned against bernie, not that anything will stop him from doing his best to destroy the party. Great news, Puerto Rico needs debt relief, not BS.

    1. A nice win in PR will set up NJ & CA nicely!