Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Can Clinton Really Win Texas? #HillYes!

Hillary Clinton and Julían Castro in San Antonio, October 2015.

There is so much to absorb in Rebecca Traister's excellent, lengthy profile of Hillary Clinton in New York Magazine (go read it all now), but these two paragraphs near the end deserve special attention:
I asked her whether the time she was spending in Kentucky, a red state, reflected more than her desire to win the primary there the following week (which she did, by a hair). Her eyes lit up; it’s as if she’d been waiting for someone to ask her about the surprising possibilities of the electoral map this year. So which states do you think Trump puts in play? I asked, mentioning the possibility of Georgia, which some think could go Democratic for the first time since her husband won it in 1992.
“Texas!” she exclaimed, eyes wide, as if daring me to question this, which I did. “You are not going to win Texas,” I said. She smiled, undaunted. “If black and Latino voters come out and vote, we could win Texas,” she told me firmly, practically licking her lips.
As far as I can remember, this is the first time that Clinton herself (or possibly anyone in the upper echelon of her campaign) has openly talked about the real possibility of snatching the biggest red state of them all. And since Hillary is not prone to such proclamations without having good data to back it up, she must be seeing some internal polls or other solid info from her campaign that suggests the state might be up for grabs. Or maybe it's just her way of stating the obvious: With Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, all bets are off.

Then again, maybe she's been reading Hillary HQ? I only bring that up because I've been carelessly inviting ridicule for a year now by suggesting the "crazy" idea that Texas could be a swing state as early as 2016. For example:

If Trump is the GOP Nominee, Clinton Could Win Texas

Now, is it likely that Texas will go blue this year? Probably not. For such an earth-shaking electoral miracle to occur, it would require an explosion in minority voter turnout and a disastrous candidacy by the Republican nominee that gets worse by the day. Oh wait...maybe it is likely?

Her choice of running mate might make a difference as well.

Who knows, but the bottom line is simple: If Hillary thinks she can do it...that's enough for me. 

Game on, y'all.



  1. it's possible, their own state Republicans can protect their own shady businesses, and even the Koch's prefer Hillary to Trump, she's competent and won't destroy the economy and they know that they can live with progressive policies that grow the economy with the hope they can pick it off after electing one of their own, as W did after Bill. They want to rule, they don't want to destroy.

  2. Sanders wants to be her vice president, so as to make sure he can continue to insult her and get in the way of important legislation, but look at Castro, what a nice young man, Sanford and Harvard Law and public service and a single mom who cleaned houses for a living and a twin brother, I want him on the ticket, he'll learn fast and he'll work like a son-of-a-gun, and he'll see things that not everyone can see, know things not anyone can know.