Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bring on the General Election! Clinton Leads Trump by 13 Points in Florida

After 25 years of incoming fire from the right and a year of misleading smears from the left, Hillary Clinton nonetheless appears poised for a big electoral college win against Donald Trump in six months.

But really, all she needs to do is carry the "blue wall" plus Florida...where right now she's ahead of Donald by a rather amazing 13 points!

Check out the two little yellow boxes: 15% of Republicans would vote for Clinton over Trump and Florida Hispanic voters as a whole are starting to ditch the GOP big time.

If this plays out in November (and there's no reason to think it won't), it would certainly mean another Clinton administration, but also...possibly...the beginning of Florida's run as a lean-Democratic state for several general elections to come.

And if Florida transitions into being a reliably blue state...just when should Republicans expect to ever win the White House again? Sometime in the 2050s maybe?

But hey...it's still not too late for Bernie to flip a few superdelegates this summer and save us from this awful fate, am I right?


  1. that's the big secret, how many Republicans aren't that Republican anymore, now that the face is Cruz and their 'most establishment' is Kasich. And now that the economic news is in - Democrats are better for the economy, investing in Americans is investing in your portfolio.

    Hillary uses two arguments for progressive social policy, sort of like the ethical version of the 'one-issue-target-messaging' bernie has subverted with the help of 30M and Progressive Revolution.

    she uses the moral one, we don't want to live in a nation where the poor, young, handicapped, minority, and immigrant population can't live in safety and with dignity. Her Methodist 'good works,' we are judged by how we treat the least among us, leads to fighting squalor and substandard schools and and and

    But, she also uses the economic one, middle-out and bottom-up rises all boats, we can't afford to waste talent, and it's true.

    The other secret, ACA is income re-distribution and it helped grow the economy and so essentially paid for itself and on going dividends yet to come.

    The other one is obvious, Obama is highly competent, and Hillary is uber-competent, as Barack says "wicked smart," and that's the new Democratic Party, we went wonk, evidence based and no-hacks allowed.

    I would be unsurprised if that 25% (which includes the Koch's) doesn't stay with us. As long as we stay competent, as long as our base requires competence and daylight, we may end up making significant and long-lasting progress, on education, infrastructure, climate change, and show the world some sweet.