Monday, May 23, 2016

Bill Clinton Speaks at UFW Convention in Bakersfield, CA (5/22/16)
The likely choice in the November general election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton leaves voters with just two options, building bridges or building walls, her husband and former President Bill Clinton said Sunday in a speech that closed Bakersfield’s four-day United Farm Workers convention.

Like virtually every other speaker at the UFW’s 20th Constitutional Convention, Clinton issued an urgent call to arms to Democrats to turn out to vote in his roughly half-hour remarks. He focused on what they could do for Hillary as much as what she could do for them, and painted the consequences of what a Trump win would mean in dire terms.

And he reminded audiences in Bakersfield and again in Delano early Sunday evening that the eyes of nations have turned to the United States as one of the most divisive presidential elections in recent memory rolls on.

“We are now being looked at all over the world because these fears are present all over the world. Will we show the world a future of including diversity, shared prosperity, shared community and yes, shared citizenship?” Clinton said, pausing when applause interrupted him. “Or will we say ‘Oh, it’s just too much. Never mind the facts, never mind the truth, never mind the human potential.’”

He was warmly received by the UFW, which endorsed his wife earlier this year.

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