Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BERNIE! She Beat You, Okay? With VOTES!

Behold more hissy fit nonsense this morning:
Bernie Sanders pushed back against the commonly held belief that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic presidential nomination, comparing such conclusions with reverting back to a “monarchy.”

“We don’t live, thank God, in an authoritarian country. People dissent,” he said during a Tuesday interview with NBC’s “Today.” “If we take your assumption and Clinton’s supporters’ assumption of the logical conclusion, you know what we should do? We should go back to a monarchy and not have any elections at all.” 
Ah yes...Hillary is now the “anointed” queen who was given the nomination on a silver platter by DNC Deb, her conniving sister-in-arms. Thanks for clearing that up!

The millions more votes that she received from Democrats across the country? Who cares.

The lopsided victories in states like South Carolina, Texas, Florida and New York that resulted in an insurmountable PLEDGED delegate lead? Inconsequential.

The threat of a Donald Trump presidency due to a divided and embittered Democratic Party? Of no concern.

I’m just trying to figure out what the hell Bernie wants at this point. For the longest time I thought it was greater income equality and breaking up the big banks. Now it’s...what...a “messy” convention, ending closed Democratic primaries while leaving open caucuses untouched, firing and defeating DWS, putting Cornel West on the platform committee and choosing Hillary’s cabinet appointments for her? That’s about all I can gather.

However, he’s definitely okay with superdelegates right now because he’s hoping they overturn the will of the people and give him the nomination this year.

If anybody has any idea what else Bernie wants, or what it would take for him to consider Hillary’s win legitimate, let me know in the comments.

This is all so disappointing, because Sanders should be remembered as a democratic socialist trailblazer who inspired a new generation to fight for his noble causes to create a brighter future. And Bernie should go forward as one of the most influential, applauded and powerful senators in the country for years to come.

But by continuing to strongly suggest that Hillary isn’t winning fair and square, he’s in real danger of being remembered mainly as a sore loser in it for himself...and spend his remaining senate years ranting ineffectively in isolation without sympathetic legislative friends.

The choice, as always, is his.


  1. I have no idea what he wants, either. But I've never seen a losing candidate be so delusional. And it just keeps getting worse. Hillary is less than 90 delegates away from clinching, and she's gained 12 super delegates in the past week. He makes it sound as though her winning is just some sort of spin her supporters and the media have made up. At this point, I'm just tuning him out. He's become an embarrassment.

    1. He's losing supporters and sympathizers right and left. And superdelegates are going to keep jumping on board the Hill train like never before. Hell...maybe she can secure the nomination BEFORE June 7th as a result?

  2. AP says she's now only 78 delegates short. I read a while ago that she had close to 600 super delegate commitments, and 537 are public now, so she could get enough to clinch when the Virgin Island and Puerto Rico if more super Ds announce in the next 12 days.

    I also just read a good piece by Paul Waldman in WaPo that said Bernie may think he has more leverage than he really does.

  3. It's all ego at this point. His placingCornel West on platform committee is a giant FU to DNC, Hillary, and POTUS.

  4. this is the real bernie, and I hope Rachael has some shame, she pushed him and still hasn't vetted him, and it's not like he hasn't done it before.

    Last night she asked what he wants but didn't answer her own question, as if it's not obvious, if he can't be president he'll sure as hell make sure that damn Hillary never gets to be president!!!

    Earth to Rachael: he a spoiler, through and through, and he also wants her to pay off his campaign debt, but he can't stop spoiling, he ought to have waited for the check to clear?

    He has a real problem with women, and his superior self-regard has always been delusional.

    Yesterday he tried to slow down, because he is he's trying to negotiate payment of his debt. He once thought Obama had paid Hillary's so she'd drop out before the convention, and he also had to make her SOS, why else? He could not imagine anyone doing the right thing without being paid, that isn't in his 'rigged system dna."

    He's been spending like a sailor, overpaying his friends, as well as whoever they wanted to overpay, yippee, and still he treated his under-staff like serfs, remember he didn't fire them to their faces, it was an announcement worthy of any don't-let-them-unionize tycoon.

    And in this time he has undercut Hillary Clinton, every chance he got, and got away with it, somehow he's still seen as honest, and he's never been honest, he'd just been too fringe to fact-check.

    His wife is CFO of the Under-Water Bank of Bernie.

    They are over-vauling it with the hope of leveraging.

    What he wants is to be president!!!!

    he's too big to fail

    He wants her to make him President!!!


  5. I think he is having a breakdown. He has just crumbled before our eyes. His only goal left is to destroy the person who beat him. This is frightening to watch.

    1. that would be a fair guess, except for the consistency with his entire life.

      Whenever he loses it isn't his fault, he was cheated, or it was rigged, or he is ahead of his time and the envious are out to destroy him, or or or.

      that it looks like he had a goal of doing what he is doing, trying to destroy the Democratic Party and Hillary, makes it seem more planful; he can't think ahead, he only knows if it were fair he'd always get his way, when he doesn't get his way it was because of a conspiracy to deny his greatness.

      It's his sickness and he didn't just catch it.

      he's completely untrustworthy, he can promise if they pay off his debt and let him save some face, that he'll keep his fly trap shut, but he would not keep that promise, he could not keep that promise.

  6. check this out, he has Australians making calls for him : https://www.berniepb.com/t/502/

    that is illegal donations, they may not be compensated but someone is paying the phone bills.

  7. I heart Harry but he isn't always right: http://www.wsbradio.com/ap/ap/political/sen-reid-calls-for-people-to-lay-off-bernie-sander/nrSbT/

    he's warning dem's to lay off Bernie, let bernie dish it out, he'll come around, but, Bernie won't, this isn't in his range of free will.

    He isn't as honest as Harry thinks either, he told Barbara Boxer that he was upset about the way she was treated and then defended the mob and claimed it wasn't anything worth getting worked up over, it wasn't at all 'violence,' he's sneaky that way.

    He doesn't think he owes Harry or Barbara the truth, he's never liked either of them, he sees them as weak and gullible, and if they like him, that's their problem.

    he's taking messy to the convention, that you can set your watch by.

    Hillary can't take him on, she has her hands full with Donald's wacky policies. but Harry and Barbara could, so I hope they wake up and get started. Cause the bern's laid out his agenda, and he hasn't backed off at all. It's burn all the way down to ashes, he thinks he's the Phoenix and will Debbie be shocked when she sees him rising.

    (seriously Harry and Barbara, you've been fooled once, don't go for twice)

  8. I just donated to Debbie, bernie is demanding her head, he wants our leadership crippled or he'll bring his mess to the convention, but he would anyway, he can't be satisfied by less than being given the nomination and all the decisions from now and forever more. And then it wouldn't be enough.

    I don't want them to concede to him, on anything, but really not on this, she's a girl DNC chair, she's doing great, and firing her would be the same as admitting Bernie's been cheated of the nomination by bad Debbie, and she's been totally fair to that creep, overly fair.

    Bernie either doesn't keep promises or he phrases them in a way that to him means he didn't make any promise. It's bernie-brain, best to shun him