Sunday, May 29, 2016

Any Way You Look At It, Hillary Wins Fair and Square

We’re almost to the finish line. Have a great day, everybody!


  1. But don't we lack enthusiasm?

    Come on,

    we don't go to Bernie rallies and curse and heckle his supporter's children,

    we don't go to Donald rallies and tempt bullies,

    we don't threaten to vote for Donald if Bernie isn't publicly shamed,

    we don't demand anyone get fired or we'll disrupt the proceedings,

    we don't demand to debate Jeb! or Cruz, or Mario and take their 'are you kidding me' responses for 'game on,'

    we don't make up shit and about bernie and walk it back before we defend it,

    we don't support gun lobbiests because that's the only way we think a progressive can win, we think taking those risks is what it means to be a progressive,

    we don't just claim to have a path to the nomination to trick donors, we have an insurmountable one and don't fear that admitting it as truth will dry up donations,

    Our candidate isn't paying her spouse to be her senior advisor and then saying he's not to be questioned because he's a spouse,

    Doesn't that mean we lack enthusiasm and so won't bother to vote?

    And since we're still donating to the primary, can't that mean bernie makes us girls so nervous and all shivery that we just totally fear him and his army of boyish-bots?

  2. Is Hillary Clinton still looking good in Puerto Rico? I'm a little worried about Puerto Rico; I want Hillary to win the island so bad. I'm Latino and that's why it's important to me. I saw some recent articles (all negative) about Hillary. I really hope voters of the PNP and PPD parties will support Hillary.

    1. Check this out for the answer!

  3. you are ignoring the over 900 delegates listed in the Green Papers!

    1. we forgot to put on those tinfoil hats again? (darn!)