Saturday, April 30, 2016

UPDATE: After Less Than 24 Hours, the Hillary HQ Fundraiser is Already a HUGE Success!

Folks, I am truly overwhelmed, humbled and nearly speechless at the response to our Hillary HQ General Election Fundraiser. In less than 24 hours, look at how far it's come along:

As the weekend fundraising continues, I have little to say at this moment but thank you...from the bottom of my heart.

The next phase of Hillary HQ begins first thing Monday morning. Think we can reach 20% of our total goal ($3,200) by then? With your help, I think we can!

UPDATE: Looks like we're going to blow through the $3,200 weekend goal ALREADY! Wow. How about a new weekend target of 30% of the total goal ($4,800)? Is it possible? Do I dare? Let's see if we can do it! 

Thank you all so much! -Scott

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