Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BREAKING: Polls Close in New York

BREAKING: New York polls have closed.


The results from one of the most decisive election days of 2016 are almost here...and the exit polls suggest a good night for Hillary. Here is a sampling:

Again, it's looking good...but let me reiterate this to New York Democrats: If you haven't voted, VOTE NOW!

Polls close at 9pm ET. Stay tuned for more updates...


  1. Yep, I'm figuratively glued to the TV watching for these "teaser" exit poll results. They all look good!

  2. Andrea Mitchell reported that Bernie had left his campaign behind and returned to Vermont and he had to think about what he'd do.

    What is significant is he left his sycophants and lampreys behind, so that means he is thinking. Now I am not certain he will stay in and/or continue the scorched earth, he's had feedback from old friends, he supposedly stays in touch with his base via DK to pander to them for fundraising purposes, so says Casey who traveled with him, and we've been there too, which is maybe another reason some of us are on lifetime ban, and some of his previous supporters have been turning from him, he may not want to go from high popularity to the bottom of the toilet, he may not want to live in history as the guy who tried his best to spoil who turned out to be the best president in history.

    And he could emerge a big man, he could concede now and throw his support to her and he could donate what is left over, not much he spends like a sailor, to his own victory fund that he has yet to put a dime into, and he could be a mench. Or not, stayed tuned.

    She gave a speech that invited him, did not give up on him, a brilliant speech.

    1. Yeah, something is up with Bernie. He needed to clear his head and think, even if it meant stranding his travelling press squad. I predict a change in tone going forward, but not a concession for at least another week. We shall see.

      Yes, that speech last night was truly Hillary at her best. We'll have the video up shortly.

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