Friday, April 15, 2016

The New York Democratic Debate

(Watch the full debate above. If it gets taken down, let me know in the comments. Thanks.)

To be honest, I think this was the most stressful and annoying Democratic debate yet.

Stressful because Bernie was relentlessly Bernie...lecturing, hectoring, shouting, preaching and finger-wagging relentlessly for over two hours. That got old really quick.

Annoying because of Bernie's obnoxious, overexcited and heckling cheering section who would not shut up. The GOP debate atmosphere has rubbed off on our side, and that's a bad thing.

Can you imagine what the debate would've been like if there wasn't any live audience? You know, a quiet and serious discussion of issues without constant interruption? The candidates speaking directly to the American people instead of trying to get the best applause lines from a rowdy crowd?

I'm pretty sure that Bernie would completely melt under such circumstances, just as he did in front of the New York Daily News editorial board.

But as Lysis noted in today's HNV, Hillary still managed to win the night.

Even Fox News had to admit it:
Hillary Clinton may very well have locked up the Democratic nomination at Thursday night’s debate in Brooklyn.
The main theme that ran throughout each of Clinton’s pointed answers was “it’s easy to diagnose the problem. It’s hard to do something about it.” It’s a brilliant tack for her to take especially as more critics have been pointing out flaws in Sanders’s plans, especially when it comes to funding his free college for all and universal health care plans.
And it worked a charm.
Sanders suffered for it. She buried him in details no matter the topic. From breaking up the banks – Sanders’s signature issue that he notably struggled with during his recent Daily News interview – to tackling climate change to raising the minimum wage to the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians, Clinton showed how deep her understanding of the issues is and the level of specificity with which she has crafted plans to address them.
One personal anecdote of interest: A close friend of mine who had been feeling the Bern pretty strongly since October (donating a lot more than $27 in the process) told me that she did not like Bernie's "ornery attitude" and found Hillary "more polished and reasonable" in the debate. If similar thoughts are percolating through New York today, next Tuesday is going to be a lot of fun.

For another indication about how things are going post-debate, check out Hillary having a blast...
...while Bernie tries to fool us with the latest and biggest "fake endorsement" of them all.

Again I must ask: What the hell, Bernie?


  1. yes, bernie didn't meet with the pope, here is a picture of him not meeting with the pope, who didn't invite him, and who isn't interested in his America first no-trade deals economic policy. go bernie

  2. The false claim is now being made by Weaver that Hillary promised to release the speech transcripts if Sanders released his 2015 tax return. I made the prediction he never will release the tax returns they filed before the latest one, that they had a chance to do without any 'errors,' and now the Memo agrees:

    They also caught Jane in a lie:

    Most troubling was what Jane Sanders told Mark Halperin on Bloomberg TV, when she claimed “every election we have released them…we did when he ran for election, yeah.” My reporting showed that was not true, but the Sanders campaign has not corrected her false statement.

    they found: The only curious item a $204 deduction for tax preparation, after Jane Sanders said that she uses the Turbo Tax program to prepare their returns. The most expensive version of TurboTax sold currently — a higher grade product than needed to prepare the couple’s returns — costs $109.99 That price includes both an online download and a compact disc. And that is the price charged by Intuit, the manufacturer, with retailers offering discounts pricing the top product at under $100.

    but they conclude he obviously had nothing to hide, so they wonder why the candidate is setting a new standard that will now be followed, no previous tax returns required, only the one that isn't due until late in the primary season and that you know will be made public before you prepare it.

    Why indeed?