Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thank you, Pennsylvania!

Well, Hillary has secured the nomination tonight.

There's not much left to do but dance.


  1. yes, it's a time of celebration. It's thrilling for us, but our thrills are not reflected at MSNBC, where it looks more like sour fruit and 100% Donald. Maddow was shocked Hillary didn't credit Sanders with moving her agenda, which has't changed a bit and was there before he threw in his hat. And all his supporters who won't vote for her .. .with no facts at all on the cost and methodology and why they all believe she's dishonest and grabbed his agenda.

    But it is real that she won, and she'll be our next president. And it's great, thank you PA and Maryland and Delaware and Connecticut .... and thank you..... Madam President.

    1. Granted, Trump is a story. A train wreck story, but a story nonetheless. I guess the whole "first woman president" thing is boring in comparison to them.