Thursday, April 14, 2016

New York Debate Night!

"Excuse me, I'm talking!"
Here we go again!

Will Hillary put New York out of reach with another debate top-notch debate showing?

Will Bernie once again lose his temper and treat us to another finger-wagging extravaganza?

Will they hug, say they're sorry for any misunderstandings, and proceed to destroy Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as a tag team for a couple of hours?

Watch the history unfold at 9pm ET on CNN & and follow along with Hillary HQ on Twitter for live tweets...and let's all find out together!


  1. probably all three. She will stick to issues, and one of the issues is the way women who seek power are treated, how we are held to a different standard, not just her, all of us. How we do the work and most often don't get the credit, I bet she'll speak about the women she hired, and what they accomplished, the women in State, the women who went to Flint. The party women who have done the volunteer work forever, even before we the vote, and how we're always served last and we rarely complain. She may say it hurts her to hear women called whores, that kind of thing leads to violence against women, words matter. It hurts her to see her own supporters called names and considered deficient, worse than unqualified, incapable of getting qualified. And she'll speak about what a pleasure it was to work for Obama, who doesn't think like that and how her own husband accepted her as his intellectual equal, accepted her judgement as sound and not flighty in a time when that wasn't considered smart. She may talk about the waste of talent, how much greater we could be if we didn't marginalize women and people of color and lgbt and immigrants. She'll say we hang together or we hang alone, she'll be inspirational, because her candidacy is inspirational. That's my guess.

  2. well, what she did was a lot smarter than that, she cleaned his clock.

    I was thrilled, no back seat to bernie, she does not suffer fools.