Friday, April 29, 2016

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Hillary HQ General Election Fund

Hillary HQ is going to the next level through the general election and possibly beyond! With a little support from our loyal readers, we will be the best, most comprehensive and most essential hub for Hillary Clinton news, opinion and activism anywhere on the Internet. Also, we can keep it completely ad-free. And all it takes is a one-time donation of only $16 from just one-tenth of our followers! 

See below for details.

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Greetings fellow Democrats and Hillary supporters!

This is Scott Hopkins, the founder, editor and daily writer at If my name doesn't sound familiar, that's because you might know me better as "Scan", my long-running username on this site, as well as Daily Kos (one of the top progressive blogs), and the popular 2008 pro-Clinton site (where I was the regular weekend writer for much of that year).

Hillary HQ was founded in January 2015, three months before Clinton entered the race, with the intention of being the very best single source of news, opinion and activism in support of Hillary anywhere on the Internet. And we have succeeded through the combination of our wide variety of original pieces, daily roundups courtesy of the essential "Hillary News & Views" series, and regular sharing of links from all over the web via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Over the past fifteen months, I am happy to say that our growth has exploded. After starting out with zero followers on Facebook, we now have well over 10,000...with more than 700 more added every week! On Twitter, we now have more than 2,300 followers and are growing faster than ever. And visits to have increased exponentially as well, often resulting in several thousands of hits on busy news days.

But here's something that readers of Hillary HQ probably don't know: I've been the editor and main writer at the site every day for over a year without taking a single dime...while simultaneously maintaining an often-demanding office job, even when it was quite difficult to do both.

For example, here's the story of how an important investigative piece from March 6, 2015 came about:

I was out with some friends on a Thursday night when I saw a New York Times reporter's tweet on my phone regarding the recently-broken story about Hillary's private email server. After a few minutes of quick research, I soon discovered that he was blatantly misrepresenting his own story. I knew that someone needed to call him out on this as soon as possible, and that's exactly what I did when I got home. However, by the time I was done with the final edits and crossposting at Daily Kos, it was about 6am...leaving me only two hours to sleep before a full day of work! But I survived the workday, and it was all worth it...because "New York Times Reporter Admits on Twitter: It's About Benghazi" made the recommended list on Daily Kos, effectively and factually pushing back on an ongoing journalistic smear against my candidate. However, this post was only one piece in a long-running Hillary HQ series on 'EmailGate', many of which can be found here.

Where am I going with all this? Glad you should ask!

I've been fighting in the trenches for Hillary Clinton since 2008, and as far as I'm concerned, she must be the next President of the United States. There is no other option. It's why I started Hillary HQ in the first place, and it's why I've now taken a big personal financial leap in order to take the site to the next level.

So here's the big announcement: As of today, April 29th 2016, I have quit my office job in order to operate Hillary HQ full time. With the nomination essentially secured, and with just six months left until election day, I feel that now is the time to step up for my party and country like never before, because nothing less than our collective future is at stake.

This means Hillary HQ will no longer be a part-time endeavor operated with one arm tied behind my back.

It means better-researched and more effective posts that appear far more frequently.

It means faster breaking news and deeper analysis of the day's events.

It means that, in conjunction with our Facebook and Twitter pages, will undoubtedly be the essential hub for news, opinion and activism in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton through November 8, 2016.

And by the way...have you noticed something different about Hillary HQ? Something extremely refreshing? That's right: NO ADS!

That's because I hate ads and I know you do too. Who wants to finish reading a thoughtful article only to be bombarded with distracting and often distasteful ads? Or kept from reading the post entirely because a popup won't go away? No one, that's who. So I've avoided them completely so far and wish to avoid them in the future if possible.

Instead, I would much rather rely on grassroots funding. And this is where you, our awesome and faithful Hillary HQ readers, come in.

In honor of this historic election year of 2016, I've set a fundraising goal of $16k to sustain Hillary HQ through at least election day. 

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ at

While this may seem like an ambitious goal at first glance, keep in mind that if only one-tenth of our 10k Facebook followers donated only $16 just once, that alone would get us to the finish line.

Let me repeat: The suggested one-time donation to keep the best pro-Hillary website on the Internet afloat through election day 2016 is only $16! And if a thousand people do that...we're there!

But since the goal of a thousand individual supporters may or may not be achievable, if you have a bit more disposable income and would like to be a key grassroots supporter of Hillary HQ, we would obviously welcome any additional financial gift towards our goal that you could spare. For instance, if you are maxed out on your political donations and wish to support our continued daily efforts to make Madam President a reality next year, your generous donation would be absolutely crucial to our success.

And what will you get in return? Only the best, most comprehensive and most essential hub for Hillary Clinton news, opinion and activism to be found anywhere...always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We all know that this election year will continue to test our collective sanity, and we would love it if Hillary HQ became your completely reliable and informative safe haven from the pervasive negatively that we see in all corners of the Internet.

If you have enjoyed all that Hillary HQ has done on behalf of Hillary Clinton over the past 15 months, and wish to help us take it to the next level until the day she is elected the next President of the United States, we would be truly honored and thrilled to have your support.

And after Hillary wins? Well, I've got some ideas about keeping Hillary HQ going long-term during the next Clinton administration...but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :-)

If you have any questions at all about our website or this fundraiser, don't hesitate to contact me.

Oh yeah, and...Go Hillary!


Scott Hopkins AKA "Scan"

P.S.: If you aren't too familiar with this site, I hope you will check us out now! Also, here is a brief sampling of some of our most important and widely-shared original pieces from the past year:

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  2. This is great news! I love this site and look forward to the expanded version. It's the one place I can go when I want to tune out the negativity on cable news and other blogs. You do a great job, Scan. Hillary is going to make an excellent president.

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