Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Joe Biden Narrowly Avoids Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Another classic loose-lips moment from the Vice President may have been narrowly avoided yesterday:
"This country's ready for a woman. There's no problem. We're going to be able to elect a woman in this country," Biden said.
Asked if he would like to see a woman elected, Biden replied, "I would like to see a woman elected."
Perhaps recalling the time he stepped ahead of the president on same-sex marriage in 2012, two aides immediately chimed in with an attempt to cut off the interview. After assuring them that he wouldn't go too far, he continued:
"The president and I are not going endorse because we both, when we ran, said, 'Let the party decide.' But gosh almighty, they're both qualified," Biden said of Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. "Hillary's overwhelmingly qualified to be president."
Thanks, Joe! We're looking forward to your real endorsement whenever you're ready.

Watch the exchange below.

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  1. It's pretty funny, somebody behind him was interjecting a word of caution, not to go to far. I wonder if his staff has a designed "gaff-watcher". :)