Friday, April 1, 2016

BREAKING: Donald Trump Takes Aim at Hillary HQ!

Well folks, it looks like we've finally made it.

After being one of our most frequent targets ever since he entered the race early last summer, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has decided to go after Hillary HQ on Twitter:


Obviously, this development comes as quite a shock...but this loser is not going to intimidate us one bit. And he certainly can't fire us!

Rest assured that Hillary HQ is going to keep going after Trump day in, day out until he is defeated on November 8th by the next President of the United States: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

On the positive side, we're getting a deluge of traffic to the site today as a result of Donald's tweet. So to our new visitors, welcome!

We hope everyone will stick around with us for the rest of this insane adventure we call 2016.


  1. Or, is this an April Fools Joke?

  2. Could be, but then Trump is a fool January through December anyway.

  3. great joke, huge, big handprints joke, we obviously owe him an apology, too.