Thursday, April 7, 2016


Well, last night's fiasco finally did it.

I officially don't like Bernie Sanders anymore.

And that's sad, because I used to like him a lot. I mean, how could any progressive watch Sanders take aim at his usual targets (income inequality, Republicans, etc) on Meet the Press or the floor of Congress over the years and not like the guy? Bernie was cool.

Was. Until now.

After last night, the media and Democratic establishment can no longer pretend that our primary is a just a joyous, inspiring contest of ideas. It's gotten personal, nasty, sexist, destructive and dispiriting thanks to a candidate who isn't even a Democrat.

And the reason is simple: He has a one-way ticket to Loserville and he's really pissed off about it.

The New York Daily News double disaster only further sealed his fate in that all-important state, and he has no one to blame but his unprepared self and awful NRA-approved voting record on guns.

Bernie's statement last night was a huge gaffe in that he clearly lied to his crowd about Hillary saying he's unqualified (she actually avoided saying that...repeatedly) but it was also a mean-spirited and absurd-on-its-face personal attack that absolutely oozes with sexism. If it wasn't so destructive to our party, this would be laughable.
And then there's the sadness of seeing and hearing his young, idealistic followers boo and cheer at this awful display. They just love it. For one example, check out the young man in blue directly to the right of Bernie going absolutely nuts when he says the magic Hillary-dissing words. Depressing.

Listening to his full checklist of Clinton disqualifications, one gets the impression that the only person that Sanders thinks is qualified for the presidency is his own democratic socialist self. In fact, by these standards even Barack Obama doesn't appear to be qualified for his current job!

Luckily, everyone in the country except Bernie Sanders has a better grasp of the truth:
So, I've had it.

As of last night, Hillary HQ is officially calling on the remaining Democratic adults in the room to do their duty to party and country:
By the way, this doesn't mean that immediate public endorsements of Clinton by all three of them is the right way to go. Maybe just some friendly phone calls and positive words for the frontrunner would do the trick for now. Whatever the case, the time to curb the madness is already upon us.

It has become clear that Sanders (enabled by unctuous campaign manager Jeff Weaver) is now in it for himself, desperately tearing down the next Democratic nominee in a last-ditch effort that is doomed to fail.

Bernie is losing, and right now he's choosing to lose ugly.

It's a very bad look that's ruining his brand...and not just as a temporary presidential candidate, but also as a senator and potential folk hero for future generations of progressives.

He needs to get a grip on this insanity before it's too late for himself. And us all.


  1. welcome to the Club. I can't believe it took you this long. I felt this way three--four months ago. His whole campaign is based on lying character assassination of Hillary. He hasn't talked about his "issues" since 2015!

    1. Well, I was 95% there after the data breach/DNC lawsuit in December. Last night just got me to 100%.

    2. Weaver is really a toxic element in this mess. I think Tad Devine is simply inept, but Weaver is flat-out nasty and vicious. That comment about Hillary destroying the Dem Party to satisfy her ambition was so blatantly sexist I couldn't believe I was hearing it from someone working for a (supposedly) Dem presidential candidate.

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  2. If Elizabeth Warren would endorse Hillary, maybe Bernie would face that it's over. I know it would definitely move many of his supporters to her

  3. I worry that the "party" is playing 2nd fiddle to the importance Warren and Obama, are placing on their own "principles." Obama and Warren may be distinguished individuals, but when it comes to defending our party, the can't be depended on to put their personal interests aside to help uplift the party. Obama, like Warren are obsessed with their own legacies, which means, they place the appearance of their "impartiality," above the needs of the party and it's front-runner. I hate to sound so cynical, but that's my take on politicians. Among the three, Hillary, Warren, and Obama, I'll take Hillary as the best of them.

  4. I concur that it is now apparent that the Sanders mob, made up much more of crossover independents and republicans, interlopers upon the Democratic Party, were ever in this only to attempt to damage Hillary for the general election campaign. From the outset of the primary process, it was the great consensus of the Democratic Party that Hillary was the most qualified presidential candidate, of any sex, possibly in the whole of United States history. Senator Sanders was emboldened to go forward, buoyed by a huge campaign war chest whose origins I have never believed emanated from presumably starving college kids. The GOP establishment knew that none among their veritable clown car could challenge her, and they understood that Hillary had the base of the real Democratic Party. Thus, Sanders, the ultimate insurgent--a man who had never even registered as a Democrat until he decided to use the party apparatus for his own blind ambition, became the man the anti-Hillary crowd, which most certainly includes members of the media and its pundit class--who would do anything to prevent the return of a Clinton administration--could invest all of their own misogynist vitriol through.

    Thus, we are now at a dangerous precipice. Even if Hillary were never to win another primary--however unlikely that scenario--she would still, just by only continuing to breathe, become the Democratic Party nominee because her share of the remaining vote would find her within inches of the delegate number necessary for the nomination. Whereas Senator Sanders, even were every remaining contest to break his way, would not have the necessary near sixty percent of representative delegates required--and even that would mean taking the committed superdelegates away from Hillary. These requested superdelegates would in effect be abandoning a fifty-year Democrat for a man who has never before even registered as a Democrat and actually detests and has twice sued the Democratic Party itself!

    Now, the anti-Hillary press and pundit class would love such a scenario. But where then do we lifelong Democrats go? Do we endorse a man who has savaged not just Hillary but the very party itself following his own blind ambition? Can we work on behalf of a man who is unconcerned for the party apparatus and for those representing the party in all downticket races? Is the terrifying prospect of a Trump or Cruz presidency sufficient to ignore the savagery that Sanders and his acolytes have hurled not just at Hillary but against those of us who have long promulgated Democratic Party ideals?

    We now know the ugly sources of the Sanders insurgency. It is apparent now that the movement he represents was meant to become the ultimate hit-piece on Hillary.

    The Bernie-Bots, believing that the heretofore untouched Senator Sanders--for there has been no relentless forty year campaign against him--will easily prevail. Instead, he has been the pawn of the American Right and its friends in the media and pundit class. For the American Right is praying for him to be the Democratic nominee. They cannot wait until his socialist prescriptions for America are revealed as the snake-oil they truly are--in which the very middle class he allegedly champions will find themselves divested of their savings to effect his pie-in-the-sky promises.

    All of the efforts of the American Right are now invested in the insurgency of the Sanders movement. Senator Sanders is anything but a gadfly champion. He is an interloper who would seek to destroy the very party membership whose votes he is now demanding from inveterate party leaders. In short, a man who detests the Democratic Party itself is demanding that those of us loyal to that party also worship at his altar. That sort of vaulted egomania is no less egregious to the United States itself than is the radical Right-wing prescriptions currently advanced by either Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz.

    The whole world is watching now, hoping that saner minds prevail.