Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bernout in Wyoming

Question: When is a win not a "win"?

According to Nate Silver, Bernie Sanders needed a massive 57-point spread in today's Wyoming caucuses (equaling a 11-3 delegate split) in order to stay on track for a miracle comeback pledged delegate victory against Hillary Clinton. And considering that it's another caucus situation in a basically all-white state, such a margin wouldn't have surprised me.

Instead, Hillary won the two largest counties in the state (Laramie and Natrona) and kept Bernie's overall win margin so low that they are splitting the delegates 7-7!
See, as soon as I stop being optimistic about Hillary's caucus strength and start to ignore the results altogether...look what happens!

This is not a good way to end Bernie's already very bad week.

Next stop: New York.


  1. Woo-Hoo! Really this is great. Perhaps going negative during the campaign really backfires!

  2. I think Wyoming has a closed caucus and the state allows absentee ballots like Nebraska does. I think because of this, her margin of loss was much lower in Nebraska and Wyoming than other caucus states. In other words, Democrats like her (because she is a Democrat!) and many of her voters benefit from absentee ballots. Most caucus states don't have absentee ballots (which I think they should if they're going to keep the crazy caucus system). Hillary did great today, but the caucus system hurts her more than Bernie. I think all states should have primaries as there is a greater window of opportunity to vote for everybody. Caucuses discriminate against people who don't have the luxury of showing up at a specific time and then spending 3 to 4 hours just to vote. But yea for Hillary! I'm happy!

    1. I think all states should have primaries by 2020! With no delegate funny business (ie Nevada) allowed! Will of the voters...ALL voters...should be what matters.

  3. The difference between Clinton, Sanders and Trump supporters is that a Trump support doesn't know where Wyoming is - even if a resident of the state, a Sanders support doesn't know where Wyoming is but is pretty sure that it's near Denmark and a Clinton supporter knows where Wyoming is, that it has just 3 electoral votes in November, has more sheep than people, and hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964. The really smart Clinton supporters know that there are more Danes ex-pats in Wyoming than in Aalborg, Denmark. I wonder why so many Scandinavian natives leave Scandinavian countries - generally 50% or more emigrate.