Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday II Coverage Begins Soon

Another big night has finally arrived!

Beginning at 7pm ET, the raw votes from most of the state of Florida will start coming in. Thirty minutes later, the polls in North Carolina and Ohio will close. We may get a Democratic call in one of those states immediately while waiting a bit for the other. At 8pm ET, all the polls in Florida will be closed and some immediate calls on both sides might be made. At that same time, Illinois and Missouri conclude voting and there's no telling when those calls will be made.

In other words, a really fun night lies ahead so I hope you'll join us starting at 7pm ET tonight here at HillaryHQ.com and on Twitter.

Personally, I'm in the mood to go ahead and wrap up this nomination tonight...how about you?

Looking like a historic blowout in Florida, a big win in North Carolina and very promising in Ohio so far. Stay tuned for a huge call at the top of the hour...