Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hillary News & Views 3.30: Gun Violence Prevention, More WI Stops, Enthusiasm

Guest post by swiffy

I am bringing you Hillary News & Views this morning as superstar regular diarist Lysis enjoys a well deserved break. Today’s edition begins with coverage of Clinton’s continuing Wisconsin campaign trip in advance of the April 5 primary there. After visiting Madison on Monday, she attended events at Milwaukee, La Crosse, and Green Bay on Tuesday.
Hillary’s first event was to participate in a Gun violence prevention forum at Tabernacle Baptist Church on Milwaukee's north side.
The church's reverend introduced Clinton to the crowd, saying he is glad gun violence is being talked about on the national stage -- and on the campaign trail. Additionally, Clinton was flanked on the stage by Congresswoman Gwen Moore and parents who are very aware of the impact of gun violence.
In 2015, there were more than 140 homicide victims in Milwaukee.
"We lose, on average, 90 people a day from gun violence. That is 33,000 people a year," Clinton said.
Clinton said she read about the homicide rate in Milwaukee -- and referenced baby Bill Thao, killed when a bullet entered a home where he was playing, and 10-year-old Sierra Guyton, shot and killed while playing on a playground. Clinton also referenced the death of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot and killed by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in Red Arrow Park in April 2014.
Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney
"In addition to training about how to de-escalate situations, we need to help our law enforcement officers understand more about mental health problems," Clinton said.
The Guardian also has more coverage, and the full video of the forum is below.

Hillary next made a stop at Western Technical College in the city of La Crosse, where she discussed her education plans and the benefit to the middle class economy. The Tribune reports: 
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday called on La Crosse County voters to support her plan to rebuild the middle class through education, promoting a green energy economy and expanding access to health care.
Clinton exhorted supporters to imagine “a fairer economy.”
“We have to restore the potential of America’s dream for everybody,” she said. “I don’t want Americans giving up on themselves.”
Clinton spoke to about 400 people in an unfinished wing on the fourth floor of Western Technical College’s new Integrated Technologies Center, where she outlined her plan to provide debt-free college education for middle- and working-class families, which she said she would pay for by taxing “wealthy people, while also working to reduce existing college debt.
She brought this message to the Green Bay rally and also talked about the disastrous policies of Scott Walker and Republicans in government, as WHBL reports.
The former Secretary of State opened by touting the backing she's received from union groups and promised to improve life for middle class families.
"The economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House," said Clinton. "Here's what I will do, more infrastructure jobs, roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, good union jobs for people."
"You have a governor who has been taking a wrecking ball to the rights of workers, to the rights of women, to the rights of Wisconsinites who deserve a better future," Clinton stated to loud cheering.
She also echoed economic policies put into place by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, like raising taxes on wealthy Americans. But Clinton says she will help make it possible for middle and lower income families to send their kids to college without having to incur massive debt.
Gallup polling recently captured in sentiment numbers the enthusiasm for Clinton that is putting her over a million votes ahead of any the other candidate this primary season.
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton's supporters are more enthusiastic than Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters, 54% vs. 44%.
Visit Gallup’s story for a full chart and more detail. Amanda Marcotte explained further at Salon.
If you give it a moment’s thought, that Clinton would be such an inspiring figure to her supporters makes perfect sense. She has spent two and a half decades in the spotlight, enduring huge amounts of sexism as every single man in the country who feels threatened by smart women or powerful women projects all his anxieties on her with the passion of a thousand burning suns. But she hasn’t stopped striving. She eats haters for breakfast and keeps smiling, all while more haters are telling her she doesn’t smile enough.
For supporters, especially female supporters, who are sick to the teeth of all this sexist nonsense and sometimes wonder how they are going to keep on fighting another day, Clinton’s resilience is the stuff of legends.
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