Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the Fox News Democratic Town Hall

She's getting better and better as she goes along, isn't she?

I realize that everyone might not agree with this, but maybe Hillary should go on Fox News more often...particularly in formats like this. Clearly she can handle any question that they could possibly throw at her at this point, but more importantly, I'm convinced that plenty of their viewers dislike Donald Trump enough that it just might win her a few soft Republican votes if only she could be directly seen and heard more often.

Check out the full video of Hillary Clinton's segment at last night's town hall above.


  1. I know it was intended as a 'gotcha,' but I'm sort of glad he asked about the emails -- gave her a chance to give a nice, solid answer on it.

    She really is hitting her stride. She can extemporize on ANY topic, off the cuff, and school everyone in the room.

    1. She was totally ready for it. And soon enough, this email stuff will be behind her as a totally dead-end issue.