Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Was Hillary Clinton's Best-Ever Grassroots Fundraising Month

The movement is growing, thanks to you!
Hillary Clinton raised $30 million in February, a strong total but one that lags behind the $42 million hauled in by her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.
In a release, Team Clinton touted the month as Clinton's "best grassroots fundraising month of the campaign." It noted that more than 50 percent of the $30 million came from "grassroots donations."

The former secretary of State entered March with $31 million in cash on hand.
"We continue to beat every fundraising goal and, more importantly, make smart and efficient investments," campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement. "Grassroots support is truly powering this campaign as the majority of our fundraising came from online donations."
Not only that, but the average donation was less than $50, and over two million contributions have been received from over 850,000 people. Let's see if we can break the million contributor mark before the end of the month, shall we?

Sanders remains the fundraising king for another month, but because Clinton has much more cash on hand, they seem to be pretty well matched in the funds department going into the March contests. So even if Bernie decides to throw the kitchen sink at Hillary in a last-ditch attempt to stop her, she will be able to give as good as she gets.

Hmm. I wonder what accounts for the surge in online donations? Victories in Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina? The scary loss in New Hampshire? Are people just paying closer attention?

Or could it be...Madam President's Day?

I still don't know, but I would definitely love to find out how much money we all raised that day. Surely someone from the Clinton campaign reads this blog and can let us know how online fundraising went on Monday, February 15th, right? Seems like it would easy enough to find out. As always, the Hillary HQ contact form is on the lower right of this page! 


  1. she asked for contributions in the last two speeches, and you have to ask, however methodist you may have been raised, and it empowers her supporters to know that it matters. We need to ask our friends to throw her a few bucks now and then, and to the DNC, I got a cool 2016 membership card that has a picture of the president, it's cool, a collectors item.

    1. It's good that she's asking. If not, a lot of people might assume that she's doing fine and doesn't need their grassroots help.

  2. Haven't seen any ads here in KS yet for her. Sanders ads started a couple of days ago. I wish they'd spend some $$ here. The most recent polls (Dem voters):

    Undecided: 44%
    Clinton: 33%
    Sanders: 23 %


    1. Super Tuesday was a huge success, but it wasn't flawless. They should get those caucus results would speed this along.

  3. A question: So Bernie is raising all sorts of cash (and, I realize, spending a ton, too). What happens, if say, in a weeks he suspends his campaign. Or even if he waits till end of April or whatever, and there's still $15M cash on hand. What happens to pledged money if a candidate drops out?

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