Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Congrats, Bernie: The NRA-Approved Scaremongering Worked in Michigan

Sorry, but it’s difficult for me to smile and congratulate Sanders for his narrow Michigan win for one reason: “your position is that there should not be any guns in America, period."
Bernie knew full well that he needed to win the white, rural, hunting vote to have any hope in Michigan, and he knew exactly what he was doing with that classic NRA scaremongering in the last debate. And it worked...he won most of those counties by a wide margin.

I realize it's far from the only thing that made last night’s crazy result possible. But it certainly helped. And in a Democratic primary, I find this sort of thing unacceptable and frankly disturbing.

The NRA sure loves it, though.

Democrats, this is not okay.


  1. Part of me is really proud of Hillary taking on the NRA, but this shows how politically risky the strategy is.

    1. ...especially when her DEMOCRATIC opponent says stuff like this.

  2. Never thought I'd see BS run this sort of scorched-earth campaign. At first it was standing idly by as Devine and Weaver slandered and belittled HRC. Now BS himself is slinging the mud. Disgusted by their campaign's tactics.

  3. So, I've never owned a gun, nor do I care to. If I see someone carrying one, I try to remove myself from the area. However, hunters are necessary in a land where we've killed off almost all the large predators and where there are vast numbers of deer, etc., who would otherwise overwhelm their remaining habitat. The two things I've heard Sanders say about gun manufacturing both ring true to me: it would be pretty much impossible to penalize arms makers for unlawful use of their products, and there's no reason for a blanket ban on weapons manufacture in the US. Now, passing laws that outlaw weaponry designed specifically for killing as many people as possible is not only possible but desirable. You'll note that Sanders' overall grade from the NRA is D-, he's hardly a gun nut. He's apparently just not willing to pander to those who refuse to actually think, but instead merely react.

  4. Interestingly, President Obama gave a speech a couple of months ago that suggest anybody that would not take on the NRA in either party should not be supported for was one of those make or break issues...