Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Clinton Speaks to Anderson Cooper Following AIPAC Speech

Here is Hillary's segment of CNN's "town hall" yesterday featuring all five remaining candidates.

It's hard to call this an actual town hall since...well, it isn't one, just a series of taped interviews on CNN. But still, this is a good Q&A with Clinton following her well-received speech to AIPAC.

Stay tuned for election results from Arizona, Utah and Idaho later tonight. And I do mean later...as in after 11pm ET! Also, there aren't any exit polls so nothing will be called immediately.

Here's hoping for a big win in the closed Arizona primary that fully makes up for the expected losses in the Utah and Idaho caucuses. However, keep in mind that anything short of an awesome night for Bernie equals a bad night for Bernie at this point.


  1. Am I mistaiken? I thought I saw a box on RCP, showing remarkable Clinton polls. She was, revealingly, for the first time, ahead of Sanders in her match-ups against republican candidates. These were Emerson polls. Now, later on Tuesday, no such polls are shown. I noticed that earlier polls still showed Sanders polling with higher numbers in matchups against republicans over Hillary.

    Why the hell weren't these polls shown on RCP?

    1. I don't think they post online polls like Survey Monkey, that might be it.