Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clinton Crushes Sanders on Super Tuesday

Wow. What a historic night.

Here are the results:

Clinton had massive landslides in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Virginia. She outperformed the polls in most of these states, and the amount of delegates that she'll get in Texas alone will insure that the nomination is hers. No doubt about it: Clinton absolutely destroyed Sanders in these six contests more than I even imagined she would. Amazing.

Perhaps just as important in terms of momentum (if not delegates) Clinton also won in Massachusetts by two points. After Texas, this is definitely my favorite Hillary win of the night, because Bernie really wanted and needed Massachusetts. Yuuuuge win for Clinton.

Sanders significantly outperformed the polls in Oklahoma and won by 10 points. This is the biggest surprise of the night for me...and rather fascinating, actually.

Bernie also had nice wins in the two caucus states (Colorado and Minnesota). These were hard to predict so this wasn't a surprise, and he'll probably win a few more caucuses before he's done.

Yeah, it would have been extra sweet had Hillary beat Bernie 10-1 like I predicted earlier instead of 7-4...but no Clinton supporter should feel anything but elation about these results. Why? Because this nomination will be won with delegates, and Hillary's crushing dominance in the South made this a decisive night. And she will only pad this large delegate lead in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, it's also a massive night for Trump...and the GOP freakout has only begun.

Welcome to March.


  1. That's what I call starting a month out right! ;)

  2. Last night I totally flashed on a board game we played as a kid, LANDSLIDE. It always came down those big states.

    I haven't seen other polls lately? How is FMPOTUS (future Madam President of the US) doing in the big ones of Cali, NY, PA, FL, IL?

    --Dan Shea

    1. I would like to play that game!

      She's ahead in all of those states. FL and IL are right around the corner, and she's crushing it there.

  3. Happy Women's History Month! And may we all keep making history.

  4. this is where we find out what kind of man Bernie Sanders is.

    He does have a lot of small donors who can keep him competitive, whereas most candidates lose financial support when it becomes clear they aren't going to win.

    He does speak to his army of donors, as their 'non-Trump' protest candidate, but he's still protesting Clinton.

    His newest surrogate, Tulsi Gabbard, has a personal bone to pick with the DNC leadership, and on MSNBC last night she went on an inappropriate windy riff about Clinton alone, blaming her for Cheney's and and the Neo-Con's regime changing philosophy that led to Iraq, and attributed to her positions she has never claimed.

    And she Bernie a strange pass, presented him as someone he is not, given his own votes, his early claim to be a CO and his later decision to have war protestors who wanted to speak with him arrested. So the vitriol spitting seemed at the least tone deaf and at that most it screamed 'spoiler.'

    Bernie has to decide if he's in it to spoil our chances, or if he really thought he could be elected president, and when it sinks in that he can't, if he'll turn to us and do his best to support the Party's nominee.

    (If not now, at least by the middle of March, when he's due to have to answer to the FEC on his over-the-limit and foreign contributions, which he should just do, not claim he's a victim and use that to fund-raise.)

    Bernie has a chance to be a contender for 'decent man,' or just be a spoiler, and we won't have to wait long to find out which road he takes.

    In the meantime she'll just ignore him, and speak to the real issues.

    This idea that she will have a problem with Trump is near delusional. Even if she gave Trump the best case idea, that he's making a deal and once the contract is signed he intend to build a solid economy, he doesn't know how, he hasn't that skill set, in his field he's been able to fire snakes and choose his own economy.

    He isn't qualified for the job of president.

    He gets his power because he can pay people, and fire them when they don't preform, and while he can hide his shortcomings and use his big personality to get a contract, in the same way the he can win a nomination, he gets his power in commence by competing with other Trumps, by being a better Trump, not by knowing the in's and out's of what it takes to get a deal when there are multiple politicians who are supported by their own Trumps, and when too many will take destroying the economy over a small blow to their own ideologies.

    Trump is over-qualifed to run for the Republican nomination, he has no qualifications to run for President.

    1. I think if Bernie starts trying to bern down the house to try (and fail) to win this nomination, the president himself will step in and endorse Hillary. He can run as long as he wants and can afford to, but with no way to win the nomination, he needs to aim all of his fire at the GOP.