Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Look at the Post-Super Tuesday Delegate Math and Beyond

If you'd like to know just how decisive the last few days have been, look at this chart from Nate Silver's Before South Carolina, Clinton led Sanders by only one pledged delegate. As of this morning, here's where we stand:

Some Super Tuesday delegates still need to be apportioned, but Clinton now leads by about 200. This site is a good math-based resource for anyone wondering about the state of the delegate race. But if you prefer to look at the race with superdelegates added in (and at this point, I do not), check out the delegate tracker from Politico (click on image to zoom):

But perhaps the best and most comprehensive resource of all might be the 2016 Primary Results and Calendar from the New York Times.

Here, you can easily see the individual Democratic and Republican pledged delegate wins from each state as well as a handy schedule of what's to come. For instance, one will notice that the net delegates from all of Sanders' Super Tuesday wins was almost overwhelmed by Clinton's net delegates from Georgia alone! Throw in all her net delegates from Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia and, of course, Texas...and the breadth of her blowout becomes even more obvious.

And then we can look into the future and see that Hillary's margin will just keeping growing over the coming weeks, following the Louisiana primary on Saturday:

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