Monday, February 29, 2016

The Last Clinton Event in Texas...Or Is It?

As mentioned earlier, I was able to attend Bill Clinton's get out the vote rally in San Antonio with a press credential this afternoon, and here is what I saw.
Bill sounded a little hoarse from all the campaigning and talked for less than a half hour, but he (along with the packed crowd) was clearly in good spirits at this final Texas event. Any why not? Hillary is probably headed to a 20+ point victory here on Super Tuesday. For more on this event and Bill's travels across Texas, click here.

So, I guess this is the last time we'll see the Clintons in Texas this year, eh? On to Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania for the general election, right?

Probably. And in any other year, definitely. But with Republican voters set to nominate Donald Trump...all bets are off.

That's right: All things considered, I really do think we might just see them again before November.

Stay tuned.

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