Monday, February 22, 2016

Southern Firewall Intact: Hillary Leads Bernie by 52 Points in Georgia

Kate McKinnon rocks out as Hillary Clinton on SNL.
Well, well, looks like Hillary's southern firewall isn't cracking after all.

In fact, it's growing in Georgia:
A survey of 700 likely Democratic voters shows Clinton is backed by 72 percent of voters while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders garnered just 20 percent. About 8 percent were undecided, and the margin of error was 4 percentage points....
Clinton won in every demographic, including younger voters and men. But the biggest margin was among black voters: She tallied 79 percent to Sanders’ 14 percent... 
The poll shows Clinton has grown her lead over Sanders by locking up more undecided voters. The last WSB poll, released on Feb. 5, showed Clinton with 63-21 lead over Sanders.
When Bernie gets trounced in this big southern state next week, it's going to be devastating to his chances.

And unfortunately for him, it's just the tip of the March iceberg that his ship is about to ram into.

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