Friday, February 5, 2016

Seriously, Though...Hillary Clinton Won Iowa

There's a lot of dust flying in the air from the Sanders campaign and his supporters, as well as scary headlines from certain media outlets, about what happened on Monday. But you don't need to give any of that stuff a second thought.

The end result was certainly very close, but Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucuses.

Matt Paul, the Hillary for America Iowa state director, has made it clear once again that Hillary's historic win there was real and is here to stay. The whole thing is worth reading, but I'm go skip right to the math that proves it:
Even if the Sanders campaign were to win all of their challenges — the marginal bump they receive in support would not be enough to overcome Hillary Clinton’s win margin. Those are just the facts.
Here’s the math.
Total Precincts in Contest: 11 (7 from Sanders and 4 from the Iowa Democratic Party)
Total State Delegates being Contested: 1.7947 (not enough to change outcome)
If every contest were to go in the favor of Sanders:
HRC = -.775
Sanders = +.758
MOM = +.0166
It may be inconvenient for the Sanders campaign that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucus, but it’s the truth.
So there you have it.

There's a lot of confusion and conspiracy theories still floating around, so I'll say it again: Unless he plans on officially challenging the results, it's time for Bernie Sanders blow away the dust cloud and officially concede, making perfectly clear to his supporters and the media that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucuses.

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