Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sanders and Trump Win New Hampshire

On behalf of Hillary HQ, I'd like to extend congratulations to Senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters on their victory in New Hampshire. While don't know the margin yet, a win is a win...and it's time to be gracious in defeat tonight.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. I know it's a tough night, but you still made a difference. And you are all amazing.

However, after this split decision in the first two states, one thing we do know is that Hillary Clinton will keep fighting every step of the way until she is the next President of the United States. This result doesn't change that.

The next steps are Nevada and South Carolina, which will be here before you know it...and then the month of March. Rest assured that we look forward to the coming fight.

As for Donald Trump...no comment and definitely no congratulations.


  1. NO Surprise Bernie Won NH. ON for Bigger and Better things for HILLARY..

  2. Bernie had a great night. He has a message that resonates. But he's also not the subject of constant attacks on his integrity and honesty, paid for with millions of dollars from right wing groups who want to interfere with the Democratic primary. I thought Hillary was gracious and liked her concession speech very much. Her supporters were wonderful. Class act.

    1. And, don't you suppose that those media that make this right wing treachery against Hillary, easily seen and heard by society, are as complicit and responsible? It's media that must approve this garbage. It seems they do it happily, even as they pretend they didn't know the truth, or that they were being fair, accommodating both sides equally. We democrats are too easily tempted to adopt an "open mind" about issues, we secretly know to be true or false. We pay for this deception. We know that media are substantially against us, but we pretend not to know or understand this.

    2. But, realistically, you can depend on Sanders to do everything he can to move, with the slight increase in momentum he gains, to weaken Hillary in later and more populous and diverse States. Media pretend that New Hampshire, a State not well suited for Hillary, is somehow, the end of the world, having life and death significance for candidates. Sanders is not Hillary's serious competition, but media are Hillary's enemy. Not until we stop fooling ourselves about this "fact," will we continue to face this horribly unbalanced media attack against us. Hillary can't possibly deal with this effectively, while dealing with the immense responsibilities of her campaign. Sanders has no problem with media. Media are actually delighted with his campaign. Brian Williams was on MSNBC tripping over himself, trying to promote Sanders. The entire MSNBC news crew are opposed to Hillary. CNN opposition to Hillary is an embarrassment. The big newspapers are, as far as I can see, unified in their opposition to Hillary. And, in the face of this absurdly unbalanced media condition against us, what is our reaction? Muted acknowledgement, at best. What's wrong with us? This is more than an attack on our candidates, it's an attack on us, on democracy itself.

  3. Rachel Maddow said, emphatically, that Iowa was a tie. A tie? Hillary won Iowa by .3% of the vote. If this had been a presidential election, could Maddow have said this? In a presidential election, if 100 million voted, that would be 300,000 votes. This, in an election where the "upstart" candidate, that is described as more the "dreamer," and turns out to be, essentially, nothing else, is the loser. The "dreamer," that fools, and lies to the public, saying that Hillary is "establishment," that says that if voter turn out is greater, the democrats win. What Sanders means, in reality, is that increased voter turnout, means that "he" wins. "New" voters have come in, usually people that were previously unconcerned with politics, and are just coming in, and voting for whatever their crowd tells them to "rah rah" for. Jefferson didn't ask to see any increase in involvement in politics, he asked for an increase in an "informed" citizenry. Chuck Todd, in an interview with Al Sharpton, asked if the Clintons still had a "hold" on the Black vote? As if that was an something unacceptable. Sharpton didn't respond by asking Todd, if he was complaining about this "hold" the Clinton's had. He answered defensively. Isn't if obvious, that if Sanders won over voters, in the Carolinas, he would then have the "hold" on them.
    We need to do something about Media, for their strong bias against us.
    We can't expect Hillary to do it for us. I know it's hard, but it's essential. If Hillary loses, it will be as much, if not more, our fault, as any other factor.