Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Hampshire Already Feels Like a Long Time Ago

A bad day for Bernie.

First we wake up to this headline: Bernie Sanders questions Obama's leadership
Bernie Sanders questioned President Barack Obama’s leadership in a new interview, suggesting that he would be able to close a divide between Americans and government that the Obama administration has left open throughout his presidency.
It’s the latest salvo from Sanders, who has — intentionally or unintentionally — been engaging in an escalating war of words with the man who eight years was building his own political revolution.
“There’s a huge gap right now between Congress and the American people,” Sanders said in an interview with MSNBC that will air Thursday on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” “What presidential leadership is about [is] closing that gap.”
Sanders acknowledged that Obama has tried to bridge the divide but said he hasn’t succeeded. “But I think what we need, when I talk about a political revolution, is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now,” he said.
Oh great...where President Obama has failed us, Saint Sanders will finally deliver. Yes, this is a message that will surely resonate with Democrats across the country.

Then this incredible endorsement: Hillary Clinton Gets Backing From Black Democrats in Congress
The political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday in what has become a tight race for the Democratic presidential nomination, providing an institutional boost as she battles with Senator Bernie Sanders for the support of black voters.
The endorsement comes after the board of the caucus’s political action committee voted to back her, with Mr. Sanders failing to get any votes and two people abstaining.
Nearly half of the Congressional Black Caucus’s 46 members gathered at the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday in support of Mrs. Clinton, saying she had spent her career proving her commitment to causes important to them, including poverty and voting rights. They said the endorsement of the board — which is made up of a handful of members of Congress as well as consultants and other prominent black figures — reflects that.
“You judge a person by their results, and there is no question that the person that has obtained the most results and benefits for communities of color and everyone in America, in my opinion — especially getting Democrats elected — it’s not even close. It’s not even close,” said Representative Gregory Meeks, Democrat of New York and the PAC’s chairman. “It’s Hillary Clinton.”
By the way, among all members of the CBC, Hillary leads Bernie 33-1 in endorsements (so far).

But here is the moment that will resonate for a long, long time:

Then this, which is just keeps happening over and over: Sanders campaign touts another endorsement that didn't happen
Once again, the Bernie Sanders' campaign finds itself having claimed the support of someone who didn't exactly endorse the Vermont senator.
Brenda Romero, a Nevada student leader and DREAMer that Bernie Sanders' campaign touted as someone who endorsed their campaign, tells CNN she never endorsed the Vermont senator and is backing Hillary Clinton.
Oh good grief.

And then came the news that an Al Sharpton endorsement probably won't be coming anytime soon, despite their meeting yesterday:
Civil rights activist Al Sharpton early Thursday said Bernie Sanders “did not address” during a discussion how the Democratic presidential hopeful's welfare plan would combat the effects of racism on income inequality.

“One of the things that I was saying to Senator Sanders is saying that you’ve got to deal with income inequality and wages is fine, but what about the race element of that?” Sharpton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” 
“He did not address that directly,” the reverend added. “That’s what I was pressing him on.”
This doesn't count as a last laugh, because the day isn't near over yet...but it's pretty good:
Stay tuned... we'll keep you posted if Bernie's day gets any worse.

Come to think of it, there is another debate tonight...and we know who always wins those.

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