Sunday, February 7, 2016

More March Madness: Clinton Leads Sanders by 32 Points in Michigan

In another indication of Hillary's steadfast post-New Hampshire strength, a new poll out of Michigan has her leading Bernie by over two to one:
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton holds a commanding 32-point lead over Bernie Sanders, 62% to 30%, with 7% undecided.
“Women of all ages in Michigan are standing behind Clinton right now,” Sarpolus said. “Sanders has a major hill to climb by March 8th. He didn't get an Iowa bounce.”
“Michigan Democrats don’t seem impressed that Sanders defied expectations and almost tied Clinton in Iowa,” said Demas. “Even if he scores big in the New Hampshire primary next week, as expected, Michigan still looks to be tough sledding. And 76% of Clinton’s voters here already say they’re committed, while only 53% of Sanders voters do.”
This is in line with a late-January poll that had Clinton up by 27 points there, perhaps even suggesting a bit of a bump for her after the Iowa win.

Michigan votes a week after Super Tuesday (March 1st) and a week before other Clinton-favored states like Florida and North Carolina (March 15th). To check out the full primary schedule, click here.

Bottom line: While be can't be complacent at all...fighting for it every step of the way...there's still every indication that Hillary is going to have this nomination pretty much in the bag by around the beginning of spring.


  1. Keep Eyes on the Prize....#HILLYES16

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