Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#MadamPresidentsDay Fundraising Update (Or Rather...a Lack of One)

Well, it's been over a week since our 24-hour donation marathon Madam President's Day and I thought I'd give you an update. I was feeling good about it immediately afterward, but since all the donations went directly to, I wasn't sure if there was any way to know for sure.

So imagine my bug-eyed surprise when I saw this Washington Post headline the very next day:
Clinton campaign says it has experienced its own small donor boom
Since the beginning of the year, Hillary Clinton has seen increased contributions from donors giving less than $200 to her campaign, thanks in part, according to campaign figures, to a dramatic increase in people giving online.
New Clinton campaign data reveals a change in Clinton’s fundraising model, from one that in 2015 relied on large donations to one that leans more heavily on small donations of the sort that have funded her competitor for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders.
During the last three months of 2015, Clinton raised just 18 percent of her campaign money from Web solicitations. In February, more than 50 percent was donated online for the first time, a trend campaign officials planned for and expect to continue during the primary season.
D'oh! While the news about the surge in online donations was awesome, our Madam President's Day moneybomb sadly wasn't mentioned.

Since that time, I have written the campaign a few friendly emails asking if we could get some idea about the success of our it a hard number or even just a vague spike description. But aside from one response which has been a dead end so far, I haven't had any luck.

This just goes to prove that that Hillary HQ truly is an independent site that's unaffiliated with the special favors here! But hey, they're kinda busy trying to win the Democratic nomination and probably don't have much time to tell some guy on the Internet how much money they made back on Monday, February 15th. So I totally understand.

However, because of all you did to make our moneybomb a success, I'm still trying to find out! And who knows, maybe it's just that I just haven't figured out the right person to contact.

So if anyone from Hillary for America is reading this right now and might be able to help, please drop me a line via the contact form on the bottom right and I'll get right back to you! Also, if anyone else has any sort of lead about how to find this info, that would be great as well.

In the meantime, as I continue to try to find out more information, I can tell you unequivocally that it was a big success that brought in a lot of money to the campaign and increased their number of grassroots donors. Which is exactly what we wanted.

All that's left to figure out is how much money and how many people!

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