Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day With the Big Dog

Big news!

Hillary HQ will be reporting to you live from San Antonio this afternoon at President Bill Clinton's get out the vote rally! I've already attended recent campaign events in Texas and Iowa for this blog, but the difference this time is that I have actual press credentials! Movin' on up...

I'm not sure if I'll just be watching in the audience with journalists, or if I'll get backstage, or if I'll get an interview and a selfie with the Big Dog. Whatever the case, this is a coup for my little grassroots blog and a dream come true for this longtime Clinton Democrat. 

Follow along on Twitter starting around 3:30pm CST as I live tweet the event and post as many photos as I can.

Big thanks to Elliot Johnson for helping line this up, all the great Hillary volunteers in Austin and the rest of Texas for all their dedicated hard work, and all the readers and sharers of Hillary HQ for making this an election year to remember.

#HillYes, y'all.

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