Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hillary leads Bernie by 42 Points in New Georgia Poll

The roar is coming...
Do you hear that rumble in the distance? It's faint but growing louder every day. It's sometimes hard to hear over the ridiculous howls of Berniacs over #PaidSpeakingCircuitGate or whatever the latest fake outrage is, but it's definitely there.

It's the sound of a wave of Clinton delegates about to crash the Sanders nomination party.

On March 1st, three days after South Carolina votes, it's Super Tuesday...which is basically a big collection of states in which Hillary should do extremely well, including Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. And a brand new post-Iowa poll in the latter state has Hillary leading by 42 points, which isn't even an outlier.
An exclusive Channel 2 Action News poll shows Hillary Clinton is currently far ahead of her opponent, Bernie Sanders, in Georgia.
The poll by Landmark/RosettaStone polled 600 voters, asking them who they preferred for the Democratic presidential ticket.
In total, 63.3 percent of voters chose Clinton, 21.5 percent of voters chose Sanders and 15.2 percent of voters were undecided.
The crosstabs can be found here, and they are simply brutal for Sanders.

By the way, the Sanders campaign has been trying to make inroads in Georgia for a while, but it's just not working.

But wait, you say, there's still time to change minds over the next three weeks? Not really. Early voting starts Monday February 8th. That's right...Georgia gets to vote even before New Hampshire does.

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