Monday, February 29, 2016

Hillary is Daring to Be Herself

Guest post by tybinka

Is Hillary daring to sound like a woman? Like a mother? Like someone who believes wholeheartedly in the people of this country? Like Madam President?


In her South Carolina victory speech, Hillary sounded like the confident and caring person we know her to be and like the visionary that she truly is:
“Imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation.
Imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job, and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement.
Imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, where families are supported, and where communities are strong; when we trust and respect each other despite all that divides us.”
Imagine indeed!

Hillary has that ability unique among men and women to stay in the present and recognize the way things are while imagining and planning for the way they can be. She continues to tenaciously discover the path to the future and she does that by working with people, creating a team of believers:
“We’re going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other, even when we disagree.”
Perhaps it takes a woman running for president to remind us that love makes the world go around, that love “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Maybe it takes a woman running for president to remind us that “we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great.”

And maybe it also takes a woman running for president to remind us that “we do need to make America whole again.”

We need to heal America. And it is women who have always been the healers, the caregivers, the keepers of the intuitive magic.
“Five mothers, brought together by tragedy. They all lost children, which is almost unimaginable. Yet they have not been broken or embittered. Instead, they have channeled their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement. And they are reminding us of something deep and powerful in the American spirit. Imagine what we can all build together, when each and every American has the chance to live up to his or her potential.”
It takes courage to be a fully realized woman in the American culture, and Hillary took yet another leap of faith with her South Carolina victory speech. She is exercising her female voice and the voices of women across the country. She is daring to be her authentic self. In that speech, she told us it is the qualities of womanhood that will guide her to lead create the world we all want to live in.
“America’s best years can be ahead of us.”

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  1. We love Hillary and she will be President.