Monday, February 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Just Taken the Lead in Pledged Delegates...and Will Never Give It Back

Well that was quick.

Remember what I wrote yesterday?
Hillary now has the momentum going into South Carolina, where she will win by at least 20 points (possibly much more). She will also take the lead in pledged delegates and never lose it.
Well, it turns out that we won't even need to wait until Saturday.
Yep, South Carolina will pad this lead in a few days and it will grow even more on March 1st. Before long, Bernie will have no hope of ever regaining the lead or winning the nomination.

Note to DNC/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz conspiracy theorists: These are pledged delegates that were won with votes in IA, NH and NV. Superdelegates are something different and aren't set in stone yet, but they will very likely end up supporting the candidate with the most votes and pledged delegates anyway.

In other words, Hillary Clinton.