Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Goodbye New Hampshire...Hello Nevada

Well...that wasn't very fun, was it?

However, maybe these silver linings will take a bit of the edge off...

Yes, it's true: Right now, Hillary has solid-to-massive leads in the vast majority of the upcoming states. In particular, March will most likely be an awesome month. But the comeback begins in the great state of Nevada, which holds its caucus on Saturday February 20th.

We won't have to wait even that long for more excitement, though, because we've got yet another Democratic debate tomorrow night, this time in Milwaukee. I'm confident that we'll see another outstanding showing from Hillary.

But let's not gloss over two other major developments that the voters of New Hampshire have given us: the sudden crash and burn of establishment wonderboy Marco Rubio and the solidification of Donald Trump as Republican frontrunner. Let that settle in for a second.

Good luck,'re gonna need it.

Here's Clinton's terrific, fighting speech from last night in case you missed it.

PS: You know that Bernie must be raking in the dough today...but there's a very easy way to counteract that.

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