Thursday, February 4, 2016

Elizabeth Warren, It's Time to Say #HillYes!

Democratic women in the senate are urging a progressive hero and one of the best senators in our nation to make her choice for president crystal clear:
Female Democratic senators are privately urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to formally endorse Hillary Clinton for president. 
The lobbying campaign comes as the Democratic race between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is heating up going into the New Hampshire primary next week.

A group of Democratic ­senators is taking a bus tour of New Hampshire this weekend to stump for Clinton, and they want the liberal Massachusetts powerhouse to get on board. Clinton narrowly defeated Sanders in the Iowa caucuses earlier this week, but the Vermont senator is a heavy favorite to win New Hampshire.
We already know that Warren thinks Clinton is "terrific", signed a letter urging her to run over a year ago, consulted with her before her White House run, and also had strong words of praise for her Wall Street reform plan recently. This article again hints that Warren is leaning towards officially supporting Clinton based on interviews with some senators, but it's only a question of when:
I’m hopeful she’ll join us. I’m hopeful she’ll join the revolution that will allow us to come together to elect” the first female president, said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), one of Clinton’s staunchest supporters.
Asked if she or other senators had approached Warren personally, Stabenow said, “We all talk about it,” but declined to reveal what Warren has said in response.
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (Md.), the dean of the Senate’s Democratic women, has also talked to Warren about backing Clinton.
“I’ve told Sen. Warren that we would welcome her anytime she’s ready,” she said.
Personally, I think the time should now! I'm sure I speak for many Hillary supporters when I say that we'd be absolutely over the moon if Elizabeth stepped up and made an endorsement before New Hampshire votes on Tuesday. After Clinton's historic win in Iowa, it would certainly put another big gust of wind in her sails...possibly enough to sail to another first-place showing.

So with all due respect, Senator Warren, and without pressure from this humble blogger...can we finally get a #HillYes?


  1. Disagree. I well recall the pressure that was put on Congressman John Lewis to switch from Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008, and I do not want to see the reverse repeated this time. Clinton can win without Senator Elizabeth Warren, anyway -- and Warren ought to considering that, if she wants to be as effective as Clinton has been . . . and will be, as President. (But thank you! to the many Dem women Senators who will be on the bus this weekend, including mine.)

    1. That's why I make clear at the end that this is "without pressure". I'm just saying what a lot of people feel...we'd love to have Elizabeth on board the Hillary train.

      BTW, she wouldn't be switching like John Lewis did in '08 as she hasn't endorsed anyone yet.