Friday, February 5, 2016

Clinton Bests Sanders Yet Again in New Hampshire Debate

Did you see that debate last night? Wow.

With the possible exception of the first debate, this one was my favorite. With the contest down to a mano a mano faceoff, Clinton fought back effectively against it all early on...the "artful smear" of her integrity, the progressive purity test, the email nonsense, and more. The fightin' Hillary of early 2008 was back with a vengeance and I loved every second of it.
But the second half turned into a much-calmer discussion of foreign policy, and it was here that Hillary locked up her fifth straight debate win. Simply put, she was masterful as usual and he was still out of his depth much of the time, even going back to talk yet again about a 14-year old vote. But it didn't work this time.
And by the end, things were unified in a way not seen since Bernie's famous "damn emails" line back in October:
If anyone had the crazy idea before last night that Bernie Sanders might start a third party run and help put a Republican in the White House...well, dream on. It's clearly not going to happen.
Watch the full debate here. If it gets taken down, let me know in the comments and I will try to switch it out.

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  1. Hillary still has not shown her best side, though she easily wins all these debates. Sanders speaks of voting against the war in Iraq. What he actually did, and tell me if I'm mistaken, is refuse to vote in favor of allowing Bush to deal with Iraq. Hillary did allow Bush discretion to deal with Iraq as he saw fit. Sanders had already taken a strong position against war "and" voted against giving Bush discretion. Hillary gave Bush discretion, "but" she opposed the war. But when Sanders and the republicans condemn her for voting "for" the war, she doesn't make it sufficiently clear that she "also" did not want war in Iraq
    Tell me please, why Hillary doesn't make this clear, but allows Sanders and the republicans to say "falsely" that she voted "for" the war, and accuse her of being a "hawk," based largely, if not entirely, on this deception.