Monday, January 25, 2016

With One Week To Go, Democrats Face Off One More Time in Iowa

There there, Bernie...there's always the Vermont primary.
You thought the last South Carolina debate was the final time we'd see the three Democratic candidates on the same stage? Nope.

CNN, at the last minute, threw in an Iowa town hall that will air tonight starting at 9pm. It's not really a debate, however:
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will appear first, followed by ex-Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and then former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CNN announced Monday. Each will have 30 minutes onstage at Drake University's Sheslow Auditorium and will face questions from audience members as well as CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo.
Let me be honest with you...I don't think I can take 30 straight minutes of O'Malley. And I'll catch Sanders on YouTube tomorrow perhaps. But I will be watching Clinton tonight in the second hour and you can follow along on Twitter!

As for where the Iowa race stands, Nate Silver's esteemed 538 site now gives Hillary an 80% chance to win thanks to a Fox News poll that was just released tonight:
If you can't watch CNN or stream on tonight, we should have video for you on Tuesday. 

Go Hillary!


  1. Great town hall. Bernie was wonderful on income inequality, Martin O'Malley on climate change, and Hillary was just plain stellar tonight. I feel she really had passion and connected with the voters. Loved her detailed answer about her favorite president - Lincoln - my God - what doesn't she know? They were all great but one of them stood out as a future president. Guess who?

    1. HILL-A-RY!!!

      Yeah, she was in absolute top form tonight. Eye of the tiger. She was out to seal the deal in Iowa and I think she succeeded.

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