Monday, January 18, 2016

RNC Defends Bernie During the Debate...and No One Should Wonder Why

Reporters kept noticing something really strange happening during the fourth Democratic debate: the Republican National Committee was keenly interested in helping out one particular candidate from the opposing party...
And if you’re still not clear about what’s going on, here is the RNC’s Communications Director making it unmistakable: may be odd, but to the GOP it’s totally logical. They just really, really don’t want to run against Hillary Clinton, even going so far as to openly lend a helping hand to a democratic socialist in a debate. It would probably be advisable for the good senator to publicly renounce such unwanted advice from the bad guys...because I sure hope he doesn’t want it.

I can understand the Republican fear completely, though: If Hillary wins the nomination, she will beat them in the general election...and they know it. So I’m sure there will be much more weird and embarrassing desperation to come.

Clinton herself said it best today when responding to an attack ad put out by Karl Rove’s Super PAC in Iowa:

Make no mistake. If you really want to piss off the GOP and all their evil minions, then send them into a fit of hopeless rage and despair, then beat them in know who to vote for.