Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm Going to Iowa!

I've got my button...and that's all I need!
Hi everyone...Scan here.

The caucuses are less than a week away, so it's just about time I share the news: I'm going to Iowa!

Though I've never been to that state, I've been fascinated by our nation's singular electoral process my entire adult life...and I've never seen a crazier election year than this one. Plus, I have a blog. Therefore, I really doubt that there will ever be a better time than right now to check it out for myself. And even though I live pretty far away in Austin, Texas, I still think it'll be well worth the trip.

I'll be arriving in Des Moines late Friday night and staying in the area until the following Tuesday evening. While I'm there, I plan to do a couple of things:

1. Cover the Iowa scene live, attending as many events as possible over the weekend. Obviously the main focus will be on Clinton campaign events, most likely in Des Moines and the surrounding area. I'll do my best to get a good seat when I can and even try to say hello to the candidate herself, but I have no idea how crazy it will be (so no promises). And while I'm not a supporter of Sanders or O'Malley, I think it would be interesting to check out their events as well, time permitting. As for the Republicans...I'm not sure I can bring myself to actually attend a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz (or whoever) rally, though they might be perversely fascinating to witness from a historical perspective. So I'm gonna have to say "TBD" on that front. But wherever I go that weekend, I'll be posting frequent updates and photos to Twitter and Facebook.

2. Volunteer for Hillary on caucus day. Yep, there's no way my trip to Iowa would be complete without doing my part to help Clinton to win there on Monday. I've already been in touch with the campaign, though what I'll be doing is still up in the air. But whether it's phonebanking, driving voters to their caucus sites, or simply waving a sign and yelling really loud with a whole bunch of other volunteers...I wouldn't miss it. All the while, I'll keep posting updates whenever I can throughout the day to record the historic day and remind Clinton supporters to caucus. And hopefully, I'll also be right there to celebrate as Hillary delivers her victory speech that evening!

If you will be in Iowa this weekend too, by all means drop me a line. I definitely look forward to meeting some awesome people while I'm there...no matter if you support Hillary, Bernie or Martin. Because all of us want a brighter, fairer and more progressive future for our country, right? We just disagree about who is most ready and able to take us there.

That being said, there's only one historic candidate with the peerless résumé, astonishing smarts and legendary toughness that will crush any Republican in November...and #ImWithHer in Iowa.

See you there!


  1. Hey! I'm actually part of the organizing team in Omaha, which is just separated from Iowa by the river. The Omaha team has been working with the Council Bluffs office and sending our support over there for the last few weeks. I know you said you were thinking about staying in Des Moines, but Hillary does have an appearance scheduled Sunday afternoon in Council Bluffs and we've got a lot of volunteer opportunities here in Council Bluffs as well! Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like! ilsley01@gmail.com

    1. Thanks for the heads up Chase! I'll definitely try to make it out there. I'll probably need some sort of Clinton campaign master schedule for Iowa to figure out all the events that I can go to!

  2. Go Scan! Wish I could join you. tybinka