Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillary Leads by 8 Points in Final PPP Iowa Poll

PPP's final poll before the Iowa caucuses finds Hillary gaining a couple of points on Bernie since earlier this month:
Pretty good! Although there are a couple of wild cards that might swing the results a little bit one way or the other:
But this might help Hillary:
One finding on this poll that's encouraging for Clinton is that 88% of her voters say they're firmly committed to supporting her, compared to 74% who say the same for Sanders. When you look at the race just among voters who have completely made up their minds, Clinton's lead expands to 17 points at 56/39. Sanders is up 55/31 with folks who say they may yet change sides.
Three days to go, folks.

And stay tuned for tomorrow night's all-important Des Moines Register poll!


  1. This is baloney. Bernie is going to win.

    1. So, why did you come here to tell us that? Doesn't sound like you're very confident. If you were you wouldn't bother.

  2. NH may be a different story, but I seriously doubt he's winning Iowa. Even his campaign is lowering expectations there.