Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Speaks at Nevada State Democratic Party Dinner

Hillary's speech yesterday at a dinner hosted by the Nevada State Democratic Party and Senator Harry Reid showed once again that she has hit her stride as a candidate in both the primary and the general election.
Taking the stage to a full, noisy room, Clinton seemed to draw on the energy, calling out her Republican opposition by name, and making pointed overtures to Sanders supporters that she, too, is on their side, but is more prepared than other Democrats running to do the job.
Clinton promised to stand her ground and she told the crowd that she is the candidate that moneyed special interests really fear.
“You can also count on me to stand my ground especially when it comes to those powerful interests that are holding back American families,” Clinton said. “If Republicans weren’t worried why are hedge fund billionaires already running ads against me?”
As she spoke, the crowd remained divided. Sanders supporters shuffled their seats, others raised their signs and at times grumbled vocally. At one point, campaign organizers walked through the aisles gesturing with a finger to the mouth that supporters should express their disagreement with Clinton silently.
Watch her full speech above (audio comes in after a few seconds) and feel free to stick around for O'Malley and Sanders after that if you feel like it.

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