Saturday, January 2, 2016

Clinton Bests Sanders in Fourth Quarter, Smashing Through 2015 Fundraising Target

She did it! You did it! WE DID IT!
Hillary Clinton’s campaign had good news to announce as it rang in the New Year — the campaign said Friday it raised $55 million in the final fundraising quarter of 2015, and $112 million in total for the year.

About $37 million of the year’s final haul was in hard primary dollars, and $18 million was raised for the Democratic National Committee and state parties through the Hillary Victory Fund. The final quarter of the year put the campaign over its goal of raising $100 million for the year. The campaign has spent $74 million so far, and now enters the election year with about $38 million in cash on hand.
This was a very ambitious fundraising goal...but they still smashed through it with $12 million to spare. And that's even not counting all the millions that they raised for the Democratic Party to help the good guys win up and down the ballot.

By the way, don't let the naysayers fool you: This record-breaking campaign is powered by the people.
As for her main rival for the nomination? His numbers were also impressive:
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Saturday that he raised more than $33 million for his primary campaign in the final quarter of 2015, just shy of the $37 million that Hillary Clinton reported a day earlier.
The take of the Vermont senator, however, lags further behind Clinton's overall haul of $55 million for the past three months, which also included $18 million earmarked for the Democratic party -- money that would help bolster her prospects in the general election. Sanders did not report raising any money for the party during the three-month period.
So not only did Sanders raise $0 to help elect Democrats in 2016, but because his campaign is still suing the DNC, the party is probably actually losing money because of lawyer bills. Thanks a lot, Bernie!

But that's ok, actually. It just means that we should expect even more influential and powerful Democrats to endorse Hillary in the coming weeks...which will help her to lock up the nomination even sooner!

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